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Why Spray Foam?

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Closed cell spray foam insulation has many values. It adds a ton of structural integrity to a home or business. In high winds your house will not feel like it is going to blow off the foundation. It will stand strong, quiet and comfortable during those nasty storms. Closed cell foam is not only a vapour barrier, but it is also an air barrier, and complete thermal break between the outside cold and the inside warmth (or vise versa in the summer months). Although when installed it will technically have the same R-value as an equivalent Pink batt of insulation, it is the air barrier that seals the deal. With batt insulation you only have the vapour barrier on the inside of the home between the batt and the drywall. This allows air infiltration from outside and it will circulate around the pink batt. Heat will always dissipate to cold so when there is air movement around the batt insulation it will essentially suck the warmth out of your home. With closed cell foam you get a complete vapour and air

barrier, outside and in, and there is no air movement within the wall cavity. This means it will take a lot longer for the heat to leave your home, thus cutting your energy bills substantially.


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